PV Systems Help Increase the Value and Sales Price of California Homes

Two recent studies have added ammunition to the argument for supporters of solar power systems, especially regarding residential installations. There are the obvious benefits that everyone understands -- non-polluting, renewable energy resource, and lower electricity bills. .. more

Solar Power Purchase Agreement: “No Money Down” Solar

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA) refers to a financial contract between a solar power system owner and a host customer. The owner operates, maintains the photovoltaic (PV) system. The host customer usually owns the property where the owner sites the system, bu.. more

China Implements a National Feed-in-Tariff Rate

Even with the expansion of manufacturing capacity for China's solar module firms, the country's domestic demand has lagged behind the rest of the world. Currently, China's has around one gigawatt (GW) of solar generation capacity. The province of Qinghai ha.. more

Solar Subsidy in Europe to Stimulate Demand; Prices of Products with High Conversion Efficiency Remain High

Due to the effects of several solar subsidies, the demand in the European market has picked up.According to EnergyTrend’s estimation,because of the unchanged subsidy amount and the decreasing cost, the installation volume in Germany is expected toincreasein 2H11. .. more

The Chinese Solar Market Turned to a New Page

Currently, the global solar market is largely dependent on Germany and Italy’s market condition. According to EnergyTrend, in 2010, the global installation volume is 15 GW of which Germany (7.4GW) and Italy (3GW) together account for more than 65%. China i.. more

SolarBridge Pantheon Microinverter Attached to Solar Modules - Offers 25- Year Warranty

It seems most of the talk in the solar industry centers on the darling of the industry - solar cells and modules. It's easy to understand why - solar modules collect and covert the sun's radiation into electricity. Solar cell and panels endless headlines about highe.. more

EU Financial Crisis to Dampen Global Solar Industry

Recent financial crisis burst in the Euro zone has put international financial markets at impasse. The 10-year bond yields of Italy climbed to above 6% which is the highest borrowing cost in the past decade while Ireland’s debt rating was downgraded to junk status b.. more

U.S. Loan Guarantee Program: Supporting America’s Fastest Growing Industry

June was a busy month for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The DOE awarded over $9 billion in coveted loan guarantees to ten firms. Half of the guarantees announced, $4.5 billion, went to three different thin film photovoltaic generation projects sponsored by .. more

EPIA’s Global Outlook: Expect a Vibrant Worldwide PV Market Through 2015

The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) recently presented its latest outlook on the state of the solar industry. The report paints a rosy picture for the future of global PV industry. As the world's largest photovoltaic association, EPIA rep.. more

EnergyTrend: An Emerging Product in Solar Application - Micro Inverter

Solar micro inverters can be used to suit the structure of a single module, independently tracking the maximum power output of every module. In addition, it also improves the shadow problem of traditional inverter, increasing the efficiency and reliability of a solar system... more