[Solar] Taipower Began to Build Taiwan's Biggest PV Plant in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park

Taiwanese state-owned utility Taiwan Power Co. (Taipower) recently has set two records of largest PV power plants in Taiwan. Back in 2014, T.. more


N-Type Solar Cell Technologies Are Expected to Enter Mass Production in 2018, Driven by China’s Top Runner Program

EnergyTrend, a division TrendForce, has recently published a new report Market of Advanced PV Technology. According to the report, requireme.. more


2018/02/14 update

Item Avg Chg
Super High Efficiency Multi-Si Wafer 4.100 (0 %)
Diamond-wire Slicing Multi-si Wafer 3.860 (-0.52 %)
Mono-Si Wafer 4.820 (0 %)

2018/02/14 update

Item Avg Chg
High Efficiency Slurry Sliced Multi-Si Cell 1.380 (0 %)
High Efficiency DW sliced Multi-Si Cell 1.330 (0 %)
Mono-Si PERC PV Cell 1.640 (0 %)
Mono-Si Cell 1.540 (0 %)
【Announcement】EnergyTrend has made changes to items and reporting in the quote section of the website due to market demand. Starting on 17 Jan. 2018, quotes in China will be in Chinese yuan (RMB) and quotes outside China will be in US dollar (US$). The separate reporting of quotes will replace the previous model based on weighted global averages.Any questions,please don't hesitate to [ contact us ] !

Si-Wafer Price Decreases Again; Market Condition will Improve after Chinese New Year: Price Trend

PolysiliconThe decrease of prices for PV cell and si-wafer in January was quite large. Many medium and small manufacturers n.. more

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