2018/04/18 update

Item Avg Chg
Super High Efficiency Multi-Si Wafer 3.910 (0 %)
Diamond-wire Slicing Multi-si Wafer 3.660 (0 %)
Mono-Si Wafer 4.520 (0 %)

2018/04/18 update

Item Avg Chg
High Efficiency Slurry Sliced Multi-Si Cell 1.380 (0 %)
High Efficiency DW sliced Multi-Si Cell 1.330 (0 %)
Mono-Si PERC PV Cell 1.580 (0 %)
Mono-Si Cell 1.460 (0 %)
【Announcement】EnergyTrend has made changes to items and reporting in the quote section of the website due to market demand. Starting on 17 Jan. 2018, quotes in China will be in Chinese yuan (RMB) and quotes outside China will be in US dollar (US$). The separate reporting of quotes will replace the previous model based on weighted global averages.Any questions,please don't hesitate to [ contact us ] !

Upstream Is in Short Supply, While Downstream Undergoes Inventory Digestion: Price Trend

The phenomenon of market demand has fermented, with the momentum originally expected to reflect only demand from the major or fir.. more

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