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Intersolar India, a unique platform for  the  solar  industry  has  been  proudly  associated  with  the  Indian  solar  industry  since 2009.  The conference has been successfully providing a platform for all the stakeholders to meet, exchange information and ideas, discuss challenges and solutions and promoting the interest of the solar industry.  In the Intersolar exhibition, domestic and global companies would  exhibit  their  wares  and  solutions  and  reach  out  to  new  customers  and  to  further bond with their existing customers.

The three days of exciting proceedings open on December 5, 2017 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC).  Over  100  industry  experts  from  Indian  and  global  solar  and  energy  storage  industries  and policymakers  will  share  their  insights.  Over  500  delegates  are  expected  to  participate  in  the conference. This year’s exhibition is certified by the US Department of Commerce and has US and German pavilions besides an exclusive pavilion for Electrical Energy Storage. Approx. 260  domestic and foreign exhibitors are showcasing their latest products and solutions and over 12,000 national and international visitors are expected to visit and benefit from the event.

Conference Highlights

Global installed PV capacity grew sevenfold between 2010 and 2016, from 40 GW to more than 300 GW. In 2017, an additional 100 GW capacity was added globally. In India the installed utility scale solar capacity jumped from a mere .01 GW in 2010 to more than 13 GW by June 2017.

The German based Fraunhofer Institute forecasted  in  2015 that the global installed capacity would scale to 668GW by 2020. This rapid expansion would support a thriving solar industry and would also open  the  doors  to  further  opportunities.  According  to  GTM  Research,  the  global  O&M  and  Asset Management in 2016 reached  182  GW recording a staggering 54% growth over the previous year. Newer  technologies  like  the  Floating  PV  that  helps  reduce  the  pressure  on  land  and  agro  PV technologies that enhance the utility of land are receiving increased attention. The global attention the inauguration of China’s largest 40 MW floating solar plant received this year is a case in point.

With  India’s  total  installed  capacity  rapidly  growing,  business  opportunities  in  O&M  and  asset management  segments  could  follow  global  trends.  The  recent  commissioning  of  a  100  KW floating solar plant in Kerala, owned by India's largest energy conglomerate NTPC, is a clear recognition of the importance of floating solar in India. The World Bank and KfW are also supporting efforts to develop more efficient and cost effective floating PV technologies. Institutions focused on Agriculture like the Central Arid Zone Research are developing several agro based PV applications under programs like Integrated  Land  Use  Development  &  Farming  Systems  and  Soil-Water-Plant  Relationship.  These emerging opportunities together with the growing ground and rooftop market is turning India into one of the top three global PV markets.

International  financing  institutions  like  The  World  Bank,  Asian  Development  Bank,  KfW,  European Development  Bank  and  others  are  infusing  funds  to  help  accelerate  the  rooftop  market.  Electrical Energy Storage, that hardly drew attention until recently is gaining momentum. A 28 MWHr battery storage system integrated with a 20 MW plant is coming up in the Andaman & Nicobar Island. The recent Government announcement to go 100% electric vehicles by 2030 has triggered unprecedented excitement and the dawn of a burgeoning storage market is very imminent.

With winning solar power tariff creating record lows in every successive bid, there is growing concern that  quality  may  be  compromised  which  in  turn  could  have  serious  implications. 

The  recent introduction of GST has thrown up challenges and the debate on local vs. imported continues to be contentious.

The conference topics have been structured on the background of the evolving Indian PV market. With wind sector continuing to contribute significantly to India’s RE capacity and with increased interest in other RE systems, solar cannot be seen in isolation. For this reason this year’s Panel Discussion will focus on “The Future of Renewable Energy in India”

The conference has standalone sessions arranged by Intersolar and sessions organized in partnership with reputed institutions. The Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) is organizing the session on Floating Solar and PV Quality, the German Development Co-operation (giz) will organize  the session on Residential Rooftop Systems – Design and Quality, the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) will conduct the Manufacturing session while the Alliance for Rural Energy (ARE) is holding the session on Off-grid.

Intersolar  India  Conference  also  includes  a session  on  one  of  the South  Asian  markets  and  in  this year, the focus is on Afghanistan and is being held in collaboration again with giz.

Leading  experts  from  across  the 

value  chain  will  share  their  valuable  field  experiences,  provide market  and  technology  growth  insights,  share  thoughts  and  ideas  to  clear  obstacles  and  suggest plausible solutions to give further impetus to the Solar market in India.

Some of the prominent speakers at this year’s event include Mr. Vinay Rustagi, MD of Bridge to India, Prof.  Dr.  Eicke  R.  Weber,  Former  Director  of  the  Fraunhofer  Institute  and  Director  of  BEARS,  Dr. Thomas  Reindl,  Deputy  CEO  of  SERIS,  Mr.  Ashish  Khanna,  CEO  of  Tata Power  Solar  Systems,  Mr. Simon Stolp, Lead Energy Specialist of The World Bank, Mr. Kuldeep Jain, MD of CleanMax Solar, Mr. Jiwan Acharya, Sr. Energy Specialist of Asian Development Bank, Dr. O.S. Sastry, Senior Consultant of International  Solar  Alliance,  Mr.Sunil  Rathi,  Director  of  Waaree  Energies,  Mr.  Sachin  Jain,  CEO  of Oriano  Clean  Energy,  Mr.  Dorko  Eliaszewsky,  Global  Head  Utility  PV  of  Siemens  AG,  Mr.  Ignatio Legarda-Ereno, Solar Business Director of Mondragon Assembly and many more prominent speakers.

Exhibition Highlights

In  this  year’s  exhibition,  certified  by  the  US  Department  of  Commerce,  around  260  domestic  and international exhibitors will present current trends and technologies over the three days of the event to  more  than  12,000  visitors.  Various  special  exhibitions  on  storage  technologies,  electric  mobility solutions  and  innovative  energy  supply  as  well  as  special  activities  like  the  Buyer-Seller  Forum, technical workshops, a round table on financing solar projects in India for U.S. companies and many more will be the highlights of this year’s exhibition. The networking reception “Solar Power Developers Night” arranged at the end of the first day’s proceedings would provide an excellent opportunity to top executives to renew old and establish new contacts.

For the visitors and the delegates alike, a very interesting and enriching exhibition awaits. Intersolar welcomes  all  stakeholders  to  Intersolar  India,  the  gateway  to  the  globally  exciting  Indian  Solar Market.

For more information and program details, please visit Intersolar India’s website: www.intersolar.in

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