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Great Response to EU PVSEC 2017 Call For Papers

  • Over 1250 abstracts received
  • Abstracts received from authors in 70 countries
  • EU PVSEC 2017 again a unique global platform

Over 1250 have been received for the Call for Papers of the 33rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 25 - 29 September 2017.

Arno Smets, General Chairman of the upcoming EU PVSEC 2017 commented, “I am very happy with the large number of abstracts submitted. The submissions demonstrate that the interest in photovoltaics keeps on growing.”

The abstracts were received from authors in 70 countries. Most abstracts were handed in from Germany with a share of around 21%, followed by the host country The Netherlands (8%). Around half of the top 10 respondents came from European countries, including France (5%), Italy (4%), Switzerland (4%) and Spain (3%). Scientists from Asia’s leading PV nations have shown big interest in EU PVSEC as well, with most abstracts coming from Japan (5%), China (4%), Korea (3%), Taiwan (3%) and India (3%). Further top contributors are the US (4%) and from North Africa, Morocco (4%), a pioneer in off-grid solar and currently developing some of the most ambitious utility-scale solar power projects on that continent.

“The large international response shows that the PV revolution is happening everywhere! I am proud to conclude that the 33rd EU PVSEC, this year in Amsterdam, will be a unique global platform to share the latest insights in global PV developments,” stated Arno Smets.

The EU PVSEC Scientific Committee, composed of more than 180 independent reviewers are currently assessing the abstracts to create the program for the plenary, oral and visual presentations. Final papers will be published in the EU PVSEC Proceedings, a highly respected conference series going back to 1992. The papers are DOI coded, and permanently and unequivocally citable.

“The abstracts we have received cover a wide variety of interesting results and insights in science, technology, finances, policies and markets, supporting all major future energy scenarios that forecast a key role for photovoltaic solar energy in our future energy infrastructure. Come to Amsterdam and get inspired by the latest advances in photovoltaics!” said Arno Smets.

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