Solar Cell Makers Face Profitability Challenges in Q4 due to Falling Price and Shrinking Market Demand

According to EnergyTrend, a research division of TrendForce, as upstream raw material price decreased rapidly and manufacturers sustained fewer inventory depreciation losses in Q3, most makers’ Q3 figures were better than those from the previous quarter. However, re.. more

Q4 Demand Disappointing, Solar Manufacturers Face Immense Financial Pressure

Currently, market rumors abound that some vendors, under immense financial pressures, plan to either liquidate their equipment or use their inventory and equipment as collateral, in order to maintain financial viability. However, related vendors indicate that presently, ther.. more

GCL’s Upper Hand a Double-Edged Sword for Downstream Solar Players

Yesterday marked the beginning of PV Taiwan (Taiwan International Photovoltaic Forum and Exhibition), a three-day long event that will include Motech, GLC, OCT, and other major PV manufacturers sharing their development plans for the future. First-tier Chin.. more

EnergyTrend: Solar Price Continues to Drop, Alarming Sign for the Market

September 28, 2011 --- The polysilicon industry has seen several changes recently that have been the focus of the industry. Firstly, not only has GCL-Poly Energy’s announced production capacity expansion exceeded expectations, but it is rumored that the company i.. more

GLC, Foxconn Join Forces, Polysilicon Solar Industry to Face Cutthroat Market

Based on the current state of the solar energy market, the global demand outlook for Q4 is not optimistic. Currently, inventory levels for the European market continues to increase, and demand was not as high as expected from the China and Japan markets. Therefore, manu.. more

Downstream Manufacturers Hesitant, Multi-Si Price of US$45/Kg in Sight

Regrettably, the EU PVSEC has ended without any uplifting news. According to EnergyTrend, the green energy research division of TrendForce, the German market’s installation volume for June to August was approximately 2GW, with a projection of around 1G.. more

EU PVSEC Reveals 4Q11 Prospects Uncertain, Solar Manufacturers Wrestle over Price and Payment Terms

The 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) is currently in session. News from the event indicates that manufacturers hold conservative attitudes towards Q4, a sign that pressure to lower price will continue to increase. .. more

Increasing Pressure from Downstream to Lower Price, Polysilicon Price Unstable

According to EnergyTrend, a research division of TrendForce, polysilicon price is beginning to show signs of relaxation, with some manufacturers already quoting prices lower than US$50/kg. This development is unsurprising; wafer and cell makers all experienced losses in Q.. more

Declining PV Price and Profit Margin May Trigger Solar Industry Meltdown in U.S. and Europe

The latest survey conducted by EnergyTrend, the green energy industry research division of TrendForce, indicates that while spot prices for polysilicon and Si wafer have remained at $50/kg and $2/piece, the polysilicon and Si wafer manufacturers have been experiencing p.. more

Demand for High Conversion Efficiency Solar Product Remains while Recent Price Trends Are Polarized

According to the latest survey conducted by EnergyTrend, Chinese PV manufacturers are conservative about the market outlook. As a result, the polysilicon price continues to experience downward pressure, while the bottom line of its price quotation remains at $50/kg. Th.. more



End Demand Weakens, Making Si-Wafer and PV Cell Prices Drop: Price Trend

PolysiliconPolysilicon price has remained stable this week. However, owing to weak end demand, some downstream si-wafer and PV cell cap.. more


Development of NMC Battery May Ease the Tight Supply of Cobalt in 2018, Says EnergyTrend

The demand for xEV battery sees significant growth in 2017 due to the development of new energy vehicles, resulting in a 114% price surge.. more


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