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PV Demand Recovers Slowly and Polysilicon Price Continuously Falls: Price Trend

China’s installation rush by June 30th has revived market demand beginning from last week. However, the speed of rising has been slow. Thus, price of polysilicon remained falling this week. Some price quotations even fell below US $ 13/kg. Nevertheless, because the restoring demand, after inventory has been consumed, polysilicon's price will be stabilized with limited price drop.

Multi-si wafer price finally stopped moving down after post-Chinese-New-Year. The market expected a positive outlook of ultra-high-efficiency multi-si wafer, so its quote price rebounded. Nonetheless, general high-efficiency multi-si wafer has not experienced market demand recovery's orders. In other words, the Chinese installation rush has not apparently increased the multi-si wafer's demand. Tier-two and –three manufacturers saw their accumulated inventories. With respect to tier-one giant manufacturers, even though their orders have been scheduled to mid-April, their future order volume is to be observed. Therefore, multi-si wafer's market demand in April has not been quite clear. In respect of the price of high-efficiency multi-si wafer this week, some manufacturers slightly adjusted their prices by about RMB 0.02/pc.

Currently, multi-si PV cell price has dropped below the cost. Lowering the cost is an immediately necessary action. That was why diamond-wire slicing demand became higher. The major manufacturers have proactively arranged their production schedules. After they reach mass production phases, the pressure of the multi-si PV cell segment should be effectively eased.

The restoration of demand starting from last week made module price this week stable. Mono-si PV module price stayed at a relatively high point because PV cell segment supply was constrained by supply shortage of mono-si wafer.

If the Chinese installation rush by June 30th brings stronger order demand toward mono-si PV modules, the price is somewhat likely to slightly rise. PV cell price did not show a huge change this week. If SNEC in Shanghai in the coming week attracts pouring-in orders for manufacturers, then multi-si PV cell price might rebound. 

(Analysis provided by Celeste Tsai, analyst at EnergyTrend. Translated by Janet Chen, translator of TrendFroce Corp.)

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