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Mono-Si Prices Have Kept Dropping and the Competition with Multi-Si Has Become Severe: Price Trend

This week, the price movements are mostly concentrated in the mono-si supply chain. Because there were sufficient inventories for mono-si wafer and mono-si PV cell, the prices in this week have dropped, making the gap between multi-si wafer price become small. On the other hand, multi-si supply chain has largely turned to diamond wire saw technology, making mono-si products suffer great competitive pressure on prices.

This week, the prices of mono-si PV cells have fallen below those of slurry saw multi-si PV cells. Mono-si wafer price per watt has been lower than slurry saw multi-si wafer price per watt. This drop for mono-si prices is expected to be improved after the third week of December.


Polysilicon price this week was stable. However, the average price of dense materials for mono-si slightly increased, enlarging the range of high price. The spread between mono-si materials and multi-si materials has been expanding gradually and has approached RMB 15/kg.


Multi-si wafer this week was steady. Owing to some manufacturers’ decreasing demand for wire saw of mono-si, the strained supply of wafers made from diamond wire saws has eased. In terms of mono-si wafer, the price went down due to the recent weak demand and inventory pressure. The leading manufacturers of mono-si wafer had their own capacities of PV cell and module, so the decreases were smaller; however, during the current condition of sluggish mono-si market and the transition of PV cell manufacturers into multi-si, other small and mid-sized manufacturers which didn’t have downstream product lines suffered more inventory pressure and the decreases were obvious. This week, the mainstream price of mono-si wafer was RMB 5.4-5.5/pc, and overseas price, which is still falling, was USD 0.72-0.74/pc. The low level price from some small manufacturers has reached RMB 5.0-5.1/pc and the general price was RMB 5.2-5.3/pc.

PV cell

This week, slurry saw multi-si PV cell price has been RMB 1.71-1.74/W and diamond wire saw multi-si PV cell price was RMB 1.66-1.7/W. Mono-si PV cell price has declined to RMB 1.68-1.7/W, which was similar to diamond wire saw multi-si PV cell price. Mono-si PERC PV cell price has kept decreasing as well. Taiwan’s mono-si PERC PV cell price for efficiency of 21-21.2% was USD 0.255-0.262/W, almost approaching Chinese manufacturers’ price of RMB 1.9-2/W.


The main demands of this month came from Chinese subsidy program, which had impacts on investing starters and price–performance ratio, and distributed market. Although the spread between mono and multi-si PV cell became small, the end market hasn’t reacted to the decrease in prices for mono-si supply chain because of the time difference between designing project and actual order and the spread between mono and multi-si module.

After two weeks, it is expected that the market demand will start to become weak after the end of shipping season in the end of the year. A short empty period of demand will occur, pulling the prices of mono and multi-si modules closer. Then, mono-si demand will improve. The condition of price drop for mono-si wafer and PV cell for weeks will have been solved as well.

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