Price Trend: Market Prices Remain Unpredictable as Peak Season Approaches

The prices of each segment in the supply chain have mostly fallen this week. Upstream polysilicon price significantly declined. Mono-si and multi-si wafer prices showed two different trends. There were both increases and decreases for PV cell pr.. more

Price Trend: Due to China’s National Day Holiday, Market Rebound Is Not Expected until Next Week

This week, due to China’s National Day holiday, there were only overseas prices on the market, and the overall supply chain is not expected to change until next week. Besides, the capacity utilization of China’s upstream multi-si mat.. more

Price Trend: Overall Supply Chain Is Adjusted to Meet the High Season with the Arrival of China’s National Day Holiday

This week, the overall market was affected by China’s upcoming National Day holiday, and the market was looking forward to the fermentation of high season after the long holiday. Although there was demand for some products, the prices didn&.. more

Price Trend: Supply and Demand at All Sectors of the Supply Chain Vary, with Prices Continuing to Fall as a Whole, Except for High-efficiency Mono-si

The market trend this week was similar to last week: prices in overseas markets have continued to decline, while prices in the domestic market have decreased according to the capacity utilizationof large and small manufacturers. Multi-si wafer manuf.. more

Price Trend: Demand Continues to Slump, Domestic and Overseas Market Trading Potential Varies

Prices in the international market this week have fallen as a result of policy changes. Although the prices of China’s domestic market have stopped falling, the overall demand has remained sluggish. Polysilicon price decreased slightly due t.. more

Price Trend: Low Demand Leads to Continuous Fall of Supply Chain Prices

Market demand remained weak and prices continued to drop this week. The end of EU’s MIP will indeed lead to a downward trend in local transaction prices, but buyers and sellers are about to negotiate and it will be some time before it aff.. more

Price Trend: PV Cell and Module Prices Become the Key to Supply and Demand amid Policy Uncertainties

There have been a number of policy announcements in the market this week, all of which could affect trading conditions. These include the postponement of the safeguard duty hearing in India, the end of EU’s MIP on September 3, the inclu.. more

Price Trend: Spot Prices Continue to Bottom out, But Market Is Looking forward to a Rebound

The overall market status this week has been a relatively smooth one since China’s “531” new policies were implemented. The drop in production of upstream polysilicon is gradually coming to an end. In terms of si-wafer, the limit.. more

Price Trend: Upstream Demand Tends to Be Conservative, While Downstream International Market Prices Fluctuate Significantly

Polysilicon and si-wafer manufacturers continued to respond to slowing demand this week with capacity control. The overall price is now balanced by limited supply and the demand side’s inventory preparations. Changes in the downstream oversea.. more

Price Trend: Price Difference of Mono-si and Multi-si Wafers Narrows; Disruptive Policy Changes and Interaction between Supply and Demand Need to Be Viewed Rationally

Last week’s mono-si wafer price reduction effect continued to ferment this week, making the price difference between mono-si and multi-si wafers smaller. Multi-si wafer was still supported by market demand. The upstream supply was quite tight.. more