Price Trend: China’s PV Industry Enters a Lull While Overseas Markets Are More Active

The solar market has calmed down to some extent after experiencing turmoil related to the new FiT scheme and policy changes that the Chinese government announced two weeks ago on 31 May. China’s PV industry will be entering a period of.. more

630 Demand Will Come to an End, Leading to Stagnant Market Activity in Q3: Price Trend

After the release of China’s “531” new policies, the industry faced a lot of difficulties. The pressures faced by dealers have become higher. Although enterprises jointly voiced their concerns, the country’s instruction to .. more

New Policy Is Released, Multi-si Supply Chain Lacks Market: Price Trend

After the annual SNEC 2018 event, a new photovoltaic policy released by three Chinese government ministries (the Ministry of Finance, the Bureau of Energy, and the National Development and Reform Commission) has caused a great shock on t.. more

SNEC 2018 Shows the Mass Production of New Technologies, Yet the Supply Chain Price Still Lacks Support: Price Trend

The conclusion of the annual SNEC 2018 event in Shanghai showed that the mass production of new technologies and products is expected to enter the official implementation phase, but there is still a lack of support in terms of supply chain price.. more

With SNEC 2018 Shanghai Approaching, Multi-si Market Expects High Demand: Price Trend

As the PV industry’s annual event, SNEC 2018 Shanghai, will be held next week, manufacturers are likely to expect new sparks during the show, leading to little surprises and changes in market conditions this week. Polysilicon in China .. more

China’s Domestic Demand Remains Weak, Mono-si and Multi-si Supply Chain Developments Continue to Diverge: Price Trend

This week, the market demand was still weak. The 630 installation rush didn’t go as expected, which may be related to the wait-and-see attitude on the market caused by government’s policy. Due to low demand and the gap between supply an.. more

Mono-Si and Multi-Si Market Conditions Become Different, with Booming Growth for the Former and Sluggish Performance for the Latter: Price Trend

The 630 installation rush hasn’t completely started. Yet, mono-si and multi-si supply chains were different. Upstream polysilicon has entered the peak season and the entire supply and demand became balanced; for midstream si-wafer, because th.. more

The 630 Installation Rush Doesn't Go as Expected, Prices of the Supply Chain May Be the Factor: Price Trend

This week, China is supposed to step into the start-up stage of the 630 installation rush. The PV cell and module manufacturers should start stocking up. Yet, the actual condition failed to meet expectations. Besides Labor Day holiday, the im.. more

PV Manufacturers Adopt a Wait-and-See Attitude towards the Market; Si-wafer Quote Becomes the Focus: Price Trend

This week, manufacturers from the upstream and downstream still adopted a wait-and-see attitude towards the market. Although each sector had a new quote, the actual transaction number was low. The reason for this is that there was still room to wai.. more

Upstream Is in Short Supply, While Downstream Undergoes Inventory Digestion: Price Trend

The phenomenon of market demand has fermented, with the momentum originally expected to reflect only demand from the major or first-tier plants beginning to extend to second- and third-tier plants. For midstream and downstream cell modules, this wee.. more