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China May Expand Scale of the Next Phase Top Runner Program

It is about time for China to establish the new – third – phase Top Runner Program scheme, and the new scheme is likely to be expanded.

The first conference for innovation and solution for Top Runner Program was held in Xi’an, China in May 10. This conference reviewed results of the first and second phase Top Runner Programs and discussed the new scheme for the third phase.

A China media reported that the third phase Top Runner Program may involve in 12 demonstration sites, up from only one site for the first phase and eight sites for the second phase. The installation target remained unknown. It is unclear whether the scale of the third phase program will be larger than 1GW for the first phase and 5.5GW for the second phase.

Furthermore, the next phase will emphasis on system-end rather than simply component, that is, efficiency thresholds of PV cells and PV modules. The new standard will include technologies such as distributed generation, intelligent manufacturing, internet connection, and energy storage. Besides, the efficiency thresholds for PV cells and modules could also be redesigned.

The ultimate goal of Top Runner Program is to reduce LCOE and make PV generation become grid parity by 2020.

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