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Power-Saving Program for Major Customers On Hold This Year

Power-saving programs originally planned for major power consumers will be put on hold this year, pointed out Shen Jong-chin, minister of economic affairs, on June 7, following review by the ministry of power supply-and-demand for the remainder of the year.

When attending the 5th Taipei 5G Summit, Shen noted that power reserve capacity for the remainder of the year is estimated at 2 million kilowatts, or 5-6% of total capacity, sufficient to meet needs, barring unexpected disruption of power supply.

The MOEA, said Shen, will still assist major power consumers in upgrading power-utilization efficiency of equipment and formulating contingency plans for abrupt disruption of power-supply system, protecting core equipment from impact from the disruption immediately.

(Image credit: Clyde Robinson via Flickr CC BY 2.0)

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