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Shell Heads toward Green Energy by Planning to Build A 20MW Solar Plant at the Petrochemicals Site

European oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has promised to invest at least US$2 billion per year in green energy before 2020. Its CEO previously stated that investing renewable energy is like walking down the road of no return. However, Shell has had a new energy project recently. It planned to construct a 20MW solar plant at its Moerdijk petrochemicals site in Norway this year.

Shell’s Moerdijk is the leading petrochemical company in Europe. In the future, the company will install nearly 50,000 solar panels, which would be enough to produce electricity for 7,000 homes. “We hope to reduce carbon emissions through increasing green energy investment and improving process,” stated Marjan van Loon, Shell Netherlands president-director.

 “The company thinks that solar energy has become crucial in renewable energy. This project represents that we are capable of developing different solutions and providing commercial plans for manufacturers,” stated Marc van Gerven, vice president solar with the company’s New Energies Business.

Owing to each country’s change of policy and trend for renewable energy, Shell’s company strategy has changed. “Currently, Shell has 17 oil refineries and chemical plants trying to increase efficiency of energy utilization. Electrical and thermal energy technologies have been adopted, hoping to realize cogeneration with new technology and upgraded equipment, even can sell the extra thermal energy,” stated Lori Ryerkerk, executive vice president of Manufacturing.

Oil Giant Heads toward Renewable Energy

Just like Statoil and TOTAL, Shell has put efforts in green energy recently and planned to lower 20% of the company’s carbon emissions before the end of 2035. At the end of 2050, carbon reduction can be increased to 50%. In addition, due to the lower cost and advanced technology of offshore wind energy, Shell has invested wind energy in North Sea.

Because of the popularity of EV, Shell planned to integrate charging and filling station services. In October 2017, Shell acquired the leading EV charging company NewMotion, and in November, it worked with IONITY GmbH to set up the high-speed charging stations for EVs on European highways which is expected to total 80 in 2019.

 (Photo Source: Shell Moerdijk)

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