Sharp May Outsource IoT PV Cells

Sharp, a subsidiary of Hon Hai Group, plans to roll out DSSC (dye sensitized solar cell), an IoT PV cell, within fiscal 2018, ending March 31, 2019, reports Nikkei Shimbun on Aug. 10. The company has yet to decide whether to produce .. more

InfraEnergy Indonesia 2018 Provides the Best Solution to Boost Indonesia’s Energy Infrastructure

Tarsus Indonesia, a business-to-business (B2B) event, exhibition, conference, and media company will organise InfraEnergy Indonesia 2018, an Indonesia International Exhibition on technology, solutions, products, & services for energy infrastructure. This event will.. more

Mitsui Chemicals: Diagnostics Business for Photovoltaic Power Generation to Expand into India

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. has announced plans to establish a solar panel testing and certification lab in the Indian state of Gujarat in partnership with PI Berlin. Energy demand is increasing in India due to an expanding population and an eco.. more

California May Need to Spend Over US$360 Billion on Energy Storage to Achieve 100% Renewable Energy Generation

California is currently leading the charge in the development of the renewable energy industries in the US, and the state has already set the ambitious target of using renewable energies to generate 50% of its electricity by 2020. However, there.. more

PV Power Supplements Power Supply in Hot Weather

On 1:49 p.m. of July 31, when Taiwan's power consumption peaked at 36.906 million kilowatts/hour, output of PV power and hydraulic power reached 1.7 million kilowatts/hour, which, plus contribution of a new generator of Tunghsiao thermal pow.. more

Chinese PV Industry under Pressure: 1H18 Utility Installations Fell by 30% YoY and 30% of Listed Domestic Solar Companies Show Weak Results

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) announced at a recent press conference that the domestic installations of PV systems in 1H18 increased by 24.3GW, of which 12.06GW is related to utility-scale systems and 12.24GW is re.. more

Law to Be Enacted to Regulate Disposal of Massive Used Solar Panels

The Budget Center of the Legislative Yuan urged recently the government to formulate as soon as possible legislation on recycling mechanism for discarded used solar panels, which are expected to top 10,000 metric tons in volume in 2023, as a resu.. more

30 years' Turbulence for Zhongli Group,a top 500 company built on RMB5000

In 1988, China was awakened, its ancient glories and mighty power overshadowed by dust. Roaring and struggling, this exhausted sleeping lion remained vibrant and persevered, having seen much of the changes in human life. 1988 is the beginning of t.. more

China's Solar Industry Will Lose 2.5 Million Job Opportunities Due to Trade War and 531 New Policy

Whether it's US tariffs or China's 531 new policy, these policies have greatly affected the status of China's solar industry, and experts predict that this new wave of developments will cause China to lose RMB 1 trillion and 2.5 m.. more

Weather Bureau and Energy Bureau Put Forth Wind/Solar Power Forecast System

With weather conditions being a critical factor for wind and PV power, in terms of power output and site selection, the Central Weather Bureau and the Bureau of Energy, under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, have joined hands in putting .. more



Price Trend: Upstream Demand Tends to Be Conservative, While Downstream International Market Prices Fluctuate Significantly

Polysilicon and si-wafer manufacturers continued to respond to slowing demand this week with capacity control. The overall price is now ba.. more


TrendForce Expects Prices of Lithium-ion Batteries to Increase by 5~15% in 3Q18 Due to Rising Costs of Materials

Cobalt prices have reached another record high in 1Q18, according to the data from EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce. As the resu.. more


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