Nanoscale Coating Developed by US Research Team Boosts Light Absorption and Current of Solar Cells by 20%

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has just announced the development of a low-cost nanoscale coating that can increase the sunlight absorption of solar cells by around 20%. This innovation has the potential to .. more

Market Share of Green Energy Tops 100% in Portugal

After years of vigorous development, thanks to the factors of unique geographic environment and policy promotion, green-energy power hits a landmark in Portugal in March, when the nation's power consumption was 40-year high, with its output rea.. more

Demand Management Promises Rosy Outlook for Renewable Energy

In order to overcome the problem of unstable supply for PV power, a number of projects have been underway in the U.S. and Europe, aiming for flexible power-demand management, via the utilization of the emerging IoT technology. The potenti.. more

Apple: 100% of Its Global Facilities Will Be Powered by Clean Energy

Apple announced on April 9th that all of its facilities in 43 countries will be 100% powered by clean energy, including retail stores, offices, and data centers. Nine suppliers recently promised to use 100% clean energy for their production lines.. more

High Latitude Regions with Low Temperatures and Long Sunshine Duration Provide Unique Advantages for PV Power Conversion

Most people believe that solar energy will only develop the best in sunny and hot places. However, this concept might need to be corrected. There are three main factors determining PV power generation efficiency. The first is the number of sunsh.. more

PV Power Industry Exempt From U.S. Section 301 List

The Chinese solar energy industry has uttered a sigh of relief, as it is excluded from the Section 301 product list, publicized by the USTR (Office of the United States Trade Representative) on April 3, meaning that the Sino-U.S. solar-energy trade will still proc.. more

Swancor and Formosa III Posted Nearly 100 Job Vacancies in Changhua Job Fair

Swancor and Formosa III participated the press conference of Changhua county government's job fair on March 22. In order to fulfill the promises of developing local talents, Swancor and Formosa III would post 94 job vacancies in the.. more

In Germany, Levelized Cost of PV Energy per kWh is Only NT $1.33, the Lowest among Different Energy Categories

Fraunhofer ISE, an Applied Science Research Institute in Germany, has recently pointed out that among all of the energy sources in Germany, solar energy is the most cost-effective. The levelized cost of PV power per kWh in the country is.. more

SolaTrim LLC Signs UK Distributor for Rooftop Solar Pest Protection

SolaTrim LLC, innovators and manufacturers of aluminum protective barriers that safeguard and beautify residential rooftop solar systems, has announced that a Distribution Agreement has been reached with PPSP, operating out of the United K.. more

6 Months after the Hurricane in Puerto Rico, Will Renewable Energy and Virtual Power Plants Be the Future Main Energy Source?

I wonder if you remember Puerto Rico, which was devastated by the Hurricane Maria? After the storm, Puerto Rico suddenly returned to an era of no electricity. Then major technology giants helped by providing Li-ion batteries, micro-grids and.. more