SoftBank Is Rumored to Increase Investment in India's Solar Power Project with up to US $100 Billion

Japan's SoftBank has reportedly decided to invest an additional US$ 60- 100 Billion in Indian solar power plants this year. After the Indian government and SoftBank finalize their agreement, they would make a public announcement. Indi.. more

China's Catalogue of Subsidies for Renewable Energy Is Published; PV Firms Will Be Benefited the Most

On June 15, 2018 in China, the Ministry of Finance (MOF), National Development and Reform Commission of China (NDRC), and National Energy Administration (NEA) co-issued the Notice on Releasing the Catalogue of Additional Subsidies for Renewable Elect.. more

FSP Exhibits NanoGrid PV Inverters at Intersolar Europe 2018

FSP Technology Inc., a major power-supply manufacturer, will display a string of green-energy solutions, including micro-inverter, off-grid inverter, hybrid inverter (grid-connected/ off grid with energy storage), and Ion Mate/Ion Rack, at I.. more

PV Cells and Components Subject to 25% Tariff Under US Section 301

Last Friday, the United States added 284 product lines to the approved list of 818 product lines under section 301. The new additions include PV cells and components under the category of 8541.40.60, meaning that if being upheld in screening, they will be subject to 2.. more

EU Raises Green-Energy Goal to 32% Share by 2030

In a demonstration of its resolve in pushing green energy, the European Union determined on June 14 to raise the targeted share of green energy to 32% by 2030, up from original 27%, which environmentalists still criticize is insufficient, though. .. more

Norwegian Team Creates a Robot That Inspects Crucibles for Making Mono-Si Ingots

Technological advances have led to the expansion of the installations of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems as well as the lowering of the prices of solar electricity in recent years. With solar energy becoming a highly efficient source of power ge.. more

Seraphim Wins 246MW Solar Project, Ukraine’s Largest

Today, Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. ("Seraphim") announced that it won the supply agreement for a monumental 246MW Ukraine solar project, developed by Ukraine’s largest energy group, DTEK. This installatio.. more

Taiwanese Firms Coping With Abrupt Change in China's PV Power Policy

Taiwanese PV firms have responded quickly to new 531 PV power policy unveiled by the Chinese government, which will impact the global PV power industry, as China is the world's largest PV power market, accounting for half of the net ins.. more

LONGi Again Lowers Quotes of Its Wafers

Major mono-Si wafer supplier LONGi has announced a significant lowering of its quotes on 14 June, reports EnergyTrend, the green energy research division of TrendForce. The latest quotes of both standard and low-resistance wafers indicate .. more

Keys to Flexible Solar Cells' Mass Production: Cell Encapsulation and Durability

Wearable solar-powered clothing, solar energy vehicle and solar power consumer electronics are dreams of current scientists. In particular, dye‐sensitized solar cells (DSSC) has great potential, but on their way to commercialization and mass pr.. more