Making Use of a Focused Beam of Sunlight: CSP Systems

By Dr Dino R Ponnampalam The development of a world powered by clean and renewable sources of energy is not an easy goal to achieve, but it is a movement that countries worldwide have invested in.  The standard energy resources are declining in both popularity and in.. more

Hyperion 3: Advancing Solar Technology Manufacturing

By Dr Dino Ponnampalam The solar industry has grown steadily since the 1960s, and quite rapidly in the last two decades, reaching a point that has made the use of solar technology considerably valuable when it comes to the drive to generate clean electricity.  In coun.. more

“Plug and Play” Solar Power

by D.A. Barber When installing a PV system becomes as simple as plugging an appliance into an outlet, the residential PV market will grow at a faster rate, both due to the simplicity of installation and the associated reduction in cost of the overall system. This i.. more

Getting More for Less: Improvements to Concentrated Photovoltaic Systems

By Dr Dino R Ponnampalam The advancement of our civilization has been marked by numerous seminal moments; one such event was the Industrial Revolution.  This point in history allowed for the development and introduction of machines to make life easier by performing.. more

A Paint-Based Solution to Capturing Sunlight

By Dr Dino R Ponnampalam There has been a considerable push to restructure the energy mix to favor non-finite energy resources due to traditional energy resources being finite.  Examples of non-finite energy resources include solar energy, wind power, and marine ener.. more

Making the Transition from Inorganic to Organic Solar Cells

The fluctuating price of energy, due to a variety of reasons ranging from geo-political constraints to national and international economic issues, and the fact that these energy resources are finite, can be seen as the main incentives to make a transition to a clean energy socie.. more

Solar Energy Systems Internal Rate of Return

Installing a solar energy system represents an important financial decision for any individual or company. Business owners, corporate boards and individual property owners have a limited amount of financial resources. Therefore, they must compare the cost of  a solar ener.. more

Bio-based Solar Cell Technology – A Cleaner Option for the Solar Industry

Much has been made of the fact that currently available energy sources are polluting and finite.  Furthermore, much has been made of the belief that renewable energy resources collectively hold the potential to meet the energy demands of the world.  Therefore, reason.. more

DSSC – Transforming A Solar Cell

Since the Industrial Revolution, our energy needs have been met primarily through the burning of polluting fossil fuels, with each century producing a more power-hungry generation than the previous. While this underpinned the rapid development of society through the ages, bri.. more

Cold Weather PVs: The Niche Market

The efficiency of PV solar cells is not only affected by the photovoltaic materials and manufacturing techniques used to produce them, but temperature can cause problems with even the most efficient panels. The efficiency of PVs has always been known to decrease with increa.. more