PV Cells Production in China Will Account for Half of Global Capacity in 2010

Beijing Reuters cited Zhao Yu-Wen, the vice president of Chinese Renewable Energy Society on 28th of December that China is expected to produce as many as 8 gigawatts, about half of global capacity in 2010. Xinhuanet reported that people from the government rel.. more

Vatican Generates 200 Watts of Solar Power per Capita

According to local media, L"Osservatore Romano, after Vatican city installed 2,400 photovoltaic panels at the Paul VI Audience Hall, the solar power generated during peak times reached 200 watts per capita. The number is considered far higher than 4 watts per capi.. more

Solar Power Tower, a Type of Solar Power Generation Station

This is how it works: Fields of heliostats(a device that automatically tracks and keeps reflecting sunlight toward a predetermined target) are first installed and a tower is built with a furnace on the top in an optimal location inside the fields where sunlight is redirected o.. more

1 MW of Solar System on Average Can Save $ 200,000 Annually

Los Angeles Times reported on 11th of December that World Cruise Center of Port of Los Angeles located in Los Angeles, California spent 42 million dollars on renovating its hardware including the 1 MW solar PV installations, one of the largest solar power project.. more

Introduction of Concentrating Solar Power

Concentrated solar power (CSP), which is also called solar thermal power generation, is believed to merge as a practical means of alternative energy after the success of wind energy and solar cells. A successful example of CSP installation has been set in Nevada State o.. more

The solar market may face excess supply in 2011

The chairman of European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA), Ingmar Wilhelm, said due to new market entrants in Asia, global solar market in 2011 may appear to be balanced between supply and demand or slightly oversupplied. Solar cells may drop as much as 10~20.. more

Solar Industry Takes a Potential Stake in Rare Earth Elements War

China owns most of supply of rare earth elements and has the ability to trigger a trade war if it decides to. Rare earth elements war may affect the whole solar industry mainly because Silicon Carbide, a compound of silicon and carbon that occurs in nature as an extremely rar.. more

More Than 70% of All Components Manufactured Globally for the Solar Industry Came from Asia

The biggest problem facing the solar industry is the ability to reduce costs embedded in manufacturing components. According to IMS Research, up till the fourth quarter of 2010, more than 70% of all components manufactured globally for the solar industry came from Asia. I.. more

What is photovoltaic glass?

PV glass is a special glass that is used to generate PV power. The solar cells are embedded between two glass panes and, when used in PV glass application, they are either crystalline silicon or thin film. When applying crystalline silicon solar cells, the ultra-clear fi.. more

Applications of Solar Energy

Solar energy is a clean source of energy that produces zero carbon emission. It is a perfect solution to worldwide climatic problems that we now believe are a result of excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is generated by converting solar radiation into electricity c.. more