The Race for PV Conversion Efficiency

Research labs and solar manufacturers are all vying for the next generation of high efficiency PV solar devices There is a race on for the “Holy Grail” of solar energy: Making PVs more efficient. Towards this goal, scientists and engineers worldwi.. more

Progress for Infrared-Absorbing PVs

PV researchers are eyeing the infrared spectrum of solar power’s potential since more than a third of the solar energy on Earth arrives in the form of infrared light. PV efficiency is a significant problem for today’s commercial solar panels, which can col.. more

Financing Solar Projects in the U.S.

As the cost of fossil fuel continues it upward climb, and global warming concerns showing no sign of losing steam, individuals, private firms, and public agencies have intensified the interest and demand for renewable energy projects. As a result, solar project developers mu.. more

5 Common Misconceptions about Solar Energy

Nowadays, many people are faced with overwhelming and yet incorrect information on the internet. Here are 5 common misconceptions about solar energy. Misconception 1: Solar Energy is only Viable in Warm Regions The average temperature of a geographical area does.. more

Chinese Subsidy for Solar Industry

Subsidies in Europe and America are to encourage the use of solar energy in spite of the maker. Some western companies complain that Chinese subsidy policy is just there to help domestic manufacturers. According to an anonymous source close to government leader in B.. more

Closed Landfills: Solar Energy Stations to Revenue Generators

The United States have over 100,000 closed landfills. Once a landfill reaches capacity, regulations require owners to follow specific procedures for capping the facility. Traditional closure systems consisted of a geomembrane, 45 cm thick compacted soil barrier layer, and.. more

British Goverment’s Subsidy Cut

Since British government announced subsidy cut for on-grid solar projects, domestic industry leaders have expressed their negative sentiment toward such legislative decision. Many urged the government to reevaluate the fairness and thoroughness of the subsidy cut. The .. more

Changing Prospects for Solar Energy Industry

Recently, the market price quotations in the solar industry, affected by the uncertainty of the European subsidy policy, have been trending down, which in turn hurts manufacturers’ financial performances. Many used to believe that only DRAM and TFT panel indust.. more

Australia Proposed to Cut Solar Subsidy

According to Australian government, there might be possible reevaluation of the subsidy due to increasing burden. Governor of Queensland, Anna Bligh urged Julia Gillard to reevaluate the capital investment in rooftop solar installations.Rise of electricity price m.. more

Europe may Drop its Global Solar Market Share to 50% by 2015 as America Catches up

Following the nuclear crisis caused by the 311 quake in Japan, solar industry is again attracting the public’s attention. Solarbuzz in its latest report says that the significance of European market may fade from 81% in 2010 to 45-54% in 2015 whileAmerica may become.. more