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SOLON Solar Modules 100% Resistant Against PID

SOLON solar modules scored outstanding marks during the latest PID resistance test performed by Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin. The SOLON Black 230/07 is 100% resistant against potential induced degradation (PID). PID is one of the major causes for power losses in solar power systems.

The SOLON Black 230/07 did not demonstrate any measurable power loss under conditions significantly more difficult than the standard test is expected to have in the future. Modules with a degradation of maximum five percent of their rated power are considered PID resistant.

"This confirmed the PID resistance of the SOLON modules. Our longstanding research on the subject has paid off," said Dr. Lars Podlowski, CTO of SOLON Energy. "Whoever buys a SOLON solar power system, gets a product with long service life and that constantly delivers high yields."

The PID test performed by Photovoltaik Institute determines the power degradation after solar modules have been subjected to 85C, 85% relative humidity and 1,000 volts for 48 hours. The SOLON Black 230 went for twice as long without showing any changes in performance (class AA). The standard test expected to be performed in the future will determine the power degradation after 96 hours at 60C, 85% relative humidity and 1,000 volts. It is likely to be introduced in 2014 as the international IEC standard.

In addition to the SOLON Black 230/07, another nine of a total of 35 modules of other suppliers did not show any significant power losses during the Photovoltaik Institute test (class A) and are therefore also considered PID resistant. That is less than one third of the tested modules. Ten of the tested modules, almost another third, were rated as class B (up to 30% degradation), while 15 modules, over 40 percent, showed strong degradation and lost up to 98 percent of their original power.

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