Solar Energy’s Real U.S. Employment Impact

By D.A. Barber The role that solar energy can play in not just the total energy mix of the U.S. but also job creation has been addressed in a number of recent studies all of which project strong but varied rates of growth. But much of the assumptions were based on past l.. more

Liquid Solar Cells: a New Phase in Solar Technology Development

Dr Dino R Ponnampalam The world is made up of matter, and matter can be divided into three phases: solid, liquid, and gas.  Our concepts are based on the world around us being one of those three states.  Now imagine if a specific object, with a particular and co.. more

PV Costs Could Fall 40 percent by 2015

By D.A. Barber A report from McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, says that the cost of a typical commercial PV system could fall 40 percent by 2015 and an additional 30 percent by 2020. The report concludes that PV costs are likely to contin.. more

BIPV Thin Film Market Analysis Report

According to EnergyTrend, the solar research division of TrendForce, rooftop solar system is likely to be widely accepted and used in the residential sector. Manufacturers will make use of thin-film’s characteristics, such as being semi-transparent and producing less .. more

U.S. Feed-in Tariffs will Increase PV Demand

By D.A. Barber Feed-in tariffs (FIT) have been the preferred policy in many regions of the world to help support investors to rapidly increase installation of renewable energy installations projects and markets. Under most FITs, homeowners, businesses, and private in.. more

TrendForce: Taiwanese Solar Companies’ April Revenues Stayed Flat, No Spot Price Rebound in Sight

According to EnergyTrend, the green energy research division of TrendForce, the announcement of Italy's solar subsidy cut scheduled to take effect by late July has driven the installed solar capacity to surge, and most Chinese solar companies are packed to capacity in.. more

Off-Grid Solar on US Tribal Land the Next Boom

By D. A. Barber While most US residents take electricity for granted, tens of thousands of American Indians living on the 56 million acres of tribal “reservations” held in trust by the United States Interior Department and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.. more

International Technology PV Roadmap

By D.A. Barber Due to expansion in past 2 years of capacity, the PV market has changed dramatically and competition as far as technology and cost has become the main focus within the solar industry. This is a big challenge for the entire industry, particularly those invo.. more

Biomimicry: Inspiring Solar Energy Technology Developments Through Nature

By Dr Dino R Ponnampalam  The world is changing and the latest change is based on sustainability.  This drive affects all areas of life, not just in the field of energy.  However, it is a change in the way society draws its energy that will have the greate.. more

Keeping the Solar Industry Honest

By D.A. Barber Keeping the solar - as well as the entire renewable energy industry - honest is always good for business. There is a move to make green energy companies even greener that could result in making solar energy actually cheaper. The Solar Energy Industries A.. more