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【Annoucement】EnergyTrend unveils average prices of mono-si and multi-si PERC cells respectively at the columns for mono-si and multi-si cells’ “High” prices.Any questions,please don't hesitate to[ contact us ] !
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2017/11/15 update

Item High Low Avg Chg Chart
Polysilicon Price (Per KG) 19.50 17.00 18.700 (0 %) 价格Chart
*Please refer to Highest Price for contract price. Please refer to the lowest price for second-tier material.

2017/11/15 update

Item High Low Avg Chg Chart
Super High Efficiency Multi-Si Wafer (156mm x 156mm) 0.72 0.66 0.682 (0 %) 价格Chart
Diamond-wire Slicing Multi-si Wafer (156mm x 156mm) 0.65 0.61 0.633 (0 %) 价格Chart
Mono-Si Wafer (156mm x 156mm) 0.79 0.74 0.754 (0 %) 价格Chart
*The efficiency of cell made from super high-efficiency wafer is higher than mainstream product, including GCL S3, LDK M3, Danen Acube+, Utech U+, and Gigastorage GXEX. Mono wafer price mainly focus on diamond wire M2 mono wafer.

2017/11/15 update

Item High Low Avg Chg Chart
China-made High Efficiency Multi-Si Cell (Per Watt) 0.23 0.22 0.224 (0 %) 价格Chart
Taiwan-made High Efficiency Multi-Si Cell (Per Watt) 0.23 0.22 0.224 (0 %) 价格Chart
Mono-Si PERC PV Cell (Per Watt) 0.30 0.25 0.278 (-2.11 %) 价格Chart
Mono-Si Cell (Per Watt) 0.260 0.22 0.226 (-0.44 %) 价格Chart
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* The “China- and Taiwan-made high efficiency multi-si PV cells” both refer to multi-si cells with conversion efficiency above 18.4%; multi-si PERC cell excluded.
* Mono-si PV cell refers to mono-si cells with conversion efficiency between 19.8% and 20.0%, mono-si PERC cell excluded.
* Mono-si PERC PV cell refers to mono-si cells with conversion efficiency above 20.8%.

2017/11/15 update

Item High Low Avg Chg Chart
Multi-Si Module (Per Watt) 0.40 0.32 0.359 (-0.28 %) 价格Chart
Mono-Si Module (Per Watt) 0.42 0.36 0.374 (-0.27 %) 价格Chart
*In response to global trends in energy efficiency, EnergyTrend made an adjustment on 2017/7/19: 265-270W for multi-si module and 280W-285W for mono-si module are now the standards.

The price information provided by EnergyTrend is primarily a result of periodical survey of a pool of major manufacturers via telephone, questionnaires, and site visits. EnergyTrend cross-surveys major buyers and suppliers throughout the supply chain and strives to ensure all enclosed price information reflects actuality.

EnergyTrend takes a conservative attitude toward the enclosed price information. All surveyed manufacturers are to be kept anonymous and EnergyTrend will not respond to price enquiry about any individual manufacturer. All statistical numbers gathered are used to derive a particular price quote through weighted calculation.

With the historical contract price information in our database and capability of conducting fast and in-depth market analysis, EnergyTrend is equipped to provide both price trend and market intelligence to our valued members.

More Info:

High - The highest of the prices.
Low - The lowest of the prices.
Average - The average of all prices.
Change= (X-Y) / Y x 100%. X= The Highest price of this item in this issue. Y= The Highest price of this item in the previous issue.

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