Solar Market Demand Increased, but Price Remained Low Still

EnergyTrend recently discovered among PV manufacturers a common sentiment of “evident increased demand, while price remained low”. According to this week’s survey, the spot price remained stable, compared with that of last week. The price stopped falling t.. more

Solar Market Demand Poised for a Rebound; Inventory Clearance and Capital Market Condition Hold Sway

According to EnergyTrend’s latest survey, the market price decline has slowed down, while demand showed some signs of recovery. In terms of polysilicon price, the lowest price has come to $47/kg, but the main closing price has stabilized. In terms of Si wafer and sola.. more

Solar Industry Signaled a Mixed Message in Early June; Spot Price Reached New Low but Likely to Rebound in 2H11

According to the latest survey by EnergyTrend, PV spot prices have reached new low at the Intersolar Europe 2011. Though the price of polysilicon remained at $50/kg at the exhibit, it dropped below $50/kg concurrently in China. The Si wafer price has fallen below $2.0/.. more

Opening of Intersolar Europe 2011 and Half-Yearly Financial Report Releases Lead the PV Market Development

According to EnergyTrend’s survey, the spot price quotation this week is quite stable, compared to last week. However, the PV market demand remains uncertain. From the subsidy policy's point of view, Germany is considering a further 6% cut in previously schedule.. more

Chinese Manufacturers’ Capacity Expansion Plans still in Progress despite Continued Decrease in Solar Energy Market Price

According to the latest survey by EnergyTrend, the market demand is yet to pick up, and the inventory in stock still remains at a high level. As a result, the polysilicon price has significantly dropped. EnergyTrend’s survey shows that the spot price of polysilicon.. more

Polysilicon Price Trending down to $50/kg due to High Inventory Level and Low Visibility of Market Demand

Based on the latest survey conducted by EnergyTrend, the market demand is yet to pick up, therefore the inventory still remained at a high level. As a result, the polysilicon price has significantly dropped. The average spot price of polysilicon has decreased by over 10%, co.. more

PV Market Demand is yet to Materialize, as the Price Decline Continues

Though the uncertainties about the Italian policy change have been resolved, the end market demand has not materialized. As the wait-and-see attitude in the PV market remains, an obvious price decrease appeared once again. According to EnergyTrend’s survey, the spot.. more

EnergyTrend: Inventory Turnover Is Still the Key Factor for the PV Market Development in 2H11

According to EnergyTrend’s survey, the average price of solar cell has approached $1.0/Watt. Manufacturers indicated that since the uncertainties in Europe has been neutrialized, the price quotation of solar cell stayed at $1.0/Watt. On the other hand, since some.. more

EnergyTrend Latest Solar Price Survey: Manufacturers to Reduce Production in Response to Low Market Visibility

Due to low market visibility, the average price of solar cell has been closed to $1.0/Watt. If the market demand does not recover, the cell price might probably go down below $1.0/Watt. This price trend is as the same as EnergyTrend’s estimation- the solar cell pr.. more

Solar Wafer and Cell Manufacturers Began Price Cut; Cell Price Dropped below $1/Watt

According to the latest survey conducted by EnergyTrend, a research department of TrendForce Corp., the decrease in the polysilicon price was limited, which was not in line with downstream PV manufacturers’ expectation. Besides, since the polysilicon spot market is.. more



Mono-Si Prices Have Kept Dropping and the Competition with Multi-Si Has Become Severe: Price Trend

This week, the price movements are mostly concentrated in the mono-si supply chain. Because there were sufficient inventories for mono-si .. more


The New Phase of Top Runner Program Favors Companies Already Dominant in Application Bases and N-Type Solutions in Technology Bases

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has recently released the official list of proposed projects under the Top Runne.. more


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