Strong Downstream Demands Cause Spot Prices along PV Supply Chain to Rebound

The latest photovoltaic (PV) price update by EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce, shows the downstream sector of the industry has been seeing brisk orders since the start of June. Stock up demands for this month also starts to pick up follo.. more

Improvement in Conversion Efficiency Upgrades Definition of Mainstream PV Modules to 255W

Conversion efficiency of PV products keeps improving. Accordingly, China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has set new criteria for “high efficiency PV products.” Power output of 60-cell multi-si PV modules is re.. more

PV Cell Manufacturers to Raise Prices in June Due to High Order Visibility

    After going through five-months of downturn, PV industry is back on track in June as new polysilicon and high-efficiency cell orders pour in. Most tier-one cell manufacturers sold out the existing capacities, therefore they will r.. more

Financing Mechanisms to Accelerate PV Plant Development

Different financing platforms have started to pop up since the end of 2014, such as online financial & leasing services set up by individual companies, government financial services, green financial products, and YieldCo which has been a very p.. more

Solar Industrial Concentration to Become Higher through Consolidation

As the global PV market is heating up, the solar industry synchronously enters into another consolidation period. While some solar PV companies has been struggling for financial crisis, profited and stable ones seize the opportunity to expand th.. more

Market for PV Systems Heats Up due to Growing Demands in China

China’s domestic PV demand continues to rise in May. Hence, the leading PV companies are now expanding their businesses into the downstream sector, focusing on PV system in particular. This in turn drives the capacity expansion efforts.. more

Domestic PV Demand in China Boosts after the 2015 SNEC Convention

At this year’s SNEC tradeshow, many PV module manufacturers and PV system developers focused on prompting their solar projects. With optimistic outlook of demand for both ground-mounted and distributed generation projects, exhibitors a.. more

Weekly Spot Prices From April 15th - 21st

Polysilicon demand turned weak this week, leading to lower polysilicon prices, according to EnergyTrend’s investigation. Polysilicon prices dropped 1.2% to $16.4/kg. Reflecting lower prices of raw material, multi-si wafer prices declined 0.59% to $0.843/piece; Mono-s.. more

Water Scarcity Issue in Taiwan Boosts Local PV Cell Production Costs

Water scarcity issue in Taiwan has begun to affect some of the local cell manufacturers. If cell manufacturers decide to purchase water, cell production costs will increase. This week, polysilicon prices remained low due to less polysilicon shipm.. more

EnergyTrend Anticipates Declines in PV Prices to End in Q2 as Demands in China Return

A recent study by the International Energy Agency states that the Asia-Pacific region ranks in first place in the amount of PV system installed for two years in a row. EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce, projects that the total amount o.. more