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War between Mono-Si and Multi-Si Price Is About to Start: Price Trend

Due to the weak demand of mono-crystalline products, mono-si wafer price dropped dramatically this week, while mono-si PV-cell price also dropped. Currently, prices of mono-si and multi-si are almost at the same level. Owing to the sluggish demand on the end market, the price war of the mono-si and multi-si products which is being driven by si-wafers and PV cells is about to start.


Polysilicon price this week remained stable and didn’t change much. Because downstream si-wafer orders are stable and the overhauls of polysilicon manufacturers are still ongoing, it is expected that polysilicon can maintain its price for a while.


Since the end of the Oct. 1 long holiday in China, mono-si PV-cell demand has been weak. To maintain the profits of downstream PV cell manufacturers and strengthen the competitiveness of mono-si PV-cell on the market, two Chinese leading manufacturers of mono-si wafers have lowered their prices this week. The prices of their 180-micron mono-si wafers have decreased by approximately RMB 0.4/pc to RMB 5.65/pc and RMB 5.6/pc respectively. This has encouraged the other mono-si wafer manufacturers to lower their prices.

As for multi-si wafer, the overall capacity of diamond wire saw is still tight, making the demand for traditional slurry saw process grow. However, under the impact of decreasing mono-crystalline products’ prices, multi-si wafer suppliers are under increased pressure to lower their price this week.

PV cell

With the help of declining mono-si wafer price, the trend of lowering price is being led by leading manufacturers of mono-si PV-cells as well, making the price become similar to multi-si PV-cell price. This puts pressure on both multi-si PV-cell and other mono-si PV-cell manufacturers. This week, the mono-si PV-cell price of the tier-one manufacturers decreased to RMB1.73-1.77/W, making the other PV cell manufacturers lower the prices to compete later.

In terms of high efficiency mono-si PERC PV cell, there has been a larger decline. Due to the slow demand on the high efficiency market, mono-si PERC PV cell has kept accumulating. Because mono-si PERC is profitable, its price continues to drop. Presently, mono-si PERC PV cell price has decreased to RMB 2-2.1/W, and Taiwan-made mono-si PERC price has declined to USD 0.28-0.29/W. Although it is expected to drop next week, the decline will be limited.


With the help of declining PV cell price, both mono-si and multi-si module prices decreased. Currently, price of 270W multi-si module is RMB 2.71-2.75/W and price of mono-si module has become RMB 2.83-2.87/W. Owing to the larger decline of mono-si PV-cell price, prices of mono-si and multi-si module will become closer.

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