Taiwan, China solar firms boost overseas production

More than a month after the US International Trade Commission's (ITC) anti-dumping and countervailing duties ruling against China's and Taiwan's solar makers, the effects of that decision continue to shape those firms’ bus.. more

China issues new policy to boost distributed PV market

The China National Energy Administration announced a new policy on September 4 aimed at bolstering the distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) market. “This new policy will loosen current regulations, which will give the market a needed pus.. more

Photovoltaic Industry Sees Conflicting Market Trends

Taiwan photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers have received rush orders since the end of August, leading to higher utilization rates and boosting optimism among Taiwan PV producers about demand in September. Yet Chinese demand remains weak as .. more

DuPont Ups Ante in Struggle with Samsung SDI, Pursues Litigation Against Main Competitor’s Customers

DuPont is stepping up its attacks on the customers of its competitor Samsung SDI, alleging that by using Samsung SDI’s front-side metallization paste, they are infringing on DuPont’s own patented tellurium paste technology. Du.. more

Change in US Anti-dumping Duty May Boost Capacity Utilization Rates of Taiwan Solar Firms

On August 19, the US Department of Commerce announced it had revised the preliminary anti-dumping duty on solar products produced by Motech Industries in Taiwan, causing Motech’s tariff rate to drop from 44.18%, the highest among Taiwanese producers, to 20.86%, t.. more

Price Quotes to Drop in 3Q14 due to Weak Momentum in PV Market

After US announced its preliminary determination on the CVD and AD duty, the momentum in the market has turned weak rapidly. Module and cell manufacturers were the first to be challenged by the decreased capacity and increased inventory. In .. more

PV Thin-Film Makers Seize North America Market Share Due to the US-China Trade War

After the US announced its preliminary determination on the CVD and AD duty, PV makers in both China and Taiwan have been confronted by high tariff rates. Module and cell prices shipped to the US have started to increase substantially, .. more

Demand for Chinese PV Makers Turns Weak as Preliminary Anti-Dumping Tax Rates Exceeded Expectation

The growth potential in North America has always fascinated PV makers, and US’s affirmative preliminary determination on the anti-dumping (AD) duty of this time would be the key to Chinese and Taiwanese PV makers’ future in North America. How these man.. more

Solar Product’s Prices and Transaction Modes Could be More Flexible Due to the Preliminary Rulings of Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties

  It was a low period for Chinese and Taiwanese PV industry before U.S. Department of Commerce’s announcement to anti-dumping duties in certain PV imports. EnergyTrend predicts that PV quotations will tempo.. more

PV Wafer and Module Price Quotes Continue to Drop due to Strong Price Competition between Maker

PV manufacturers are still conservative about market demand even though the result of the US-China anti-dumping preliminary verdict will be announced soon. These circumstances have led to weak demand in July and slow stock clearance have led to high inventory levels within.. more