EU mulling anti-circumvention measures on Asian countries solar exports

Following the anti-dumping and countervailing measures imposed by the United States on Chinese and Taiwanese solar PV manufacturers, the European Union is now investigating other Asian countries for allegedly helping China violate the terms of a solar-export agreement .. more

Solar manufacturers vie for control of nascent N-type mono cell market

Neo Solar Power’s (NSP) N-type bifacial monocrystalline cell, recognized for its high efficiency, was launched at the PV Taiwan 2014 exhibition in Taipei last week. Taiwan is a key player in the manufacturing of high-efficiency solar cells.   Th.. more

US anti-dumping, countervailing duties cast shadow over solar market

The US International Trade Commission recently announced it would extend the final decision of countervailing duties on solar photovoltaic (PV) imports from China and change the scope of the investigation to target modules and cells. However, a 2012 decision on Chinese.. more

Chinese solar manufacturers buoyed by supportive government policies

For Chinese solar manufacturers, the fourth quarter is the most important time for solar photovoltaic installations. It is then that Chinese vendors speed up deployment to meet the central government’s annual targets. The Chinese government’s support for renewab.. more

China, Japan to fuel solar demand surge in fourth quarter

In the past, Europe accounted for the greatest share of global solar demand and dictated the market’s movements, but as the Asia-Pacific market fast expands, China and Japan are playing a much larger role. Demand from those two Asian cou.. more

Profits to rise for high-efficiency cell producers

Although supply and demand are fluctuating heavily in the global solar market, the market’s preference for high-efficiency products has remained consistent, with Taiwan manufacturers leading the way, according to EnergyTrend, a subsidiary of.. more

Taiwan, China solar firms boost overseas production

More than a month after the US International Trade Commission's (ITC) anti-dumping and countervailing duties ruling against China's and Taiwan's solar makers, the effects of that decision continue to shape those firms’ bus.. more

China issues new policy to boost distributed PV market

The China National Energy Administration announced a new policy on September 4 aimed at bolstering the distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) market. “This new policy will loosen current regulations, which will give the market a needed pus.. more

Photovoltaic Industry Sees Conflicting Market Trends

Taiwan photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers have received rush orders since the end of August, leading to higher utilization rates and boosting optimism among Taiwan PV producers about demand in September. Yet Chinese demand remains weak as .. more

DuPont Ups Ante in Struggle with Samsung SDI, Pursues Litigation Against Main Competitor’s Customers

DuPont is stepping up its attacks on the customers of its competitor Samsung SDI, alleging that by using Samsung SDI’s front-side metallization paste, they are infringing on DuPont’s own patented tellurium paste technology. Du.. more