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JinkoSolar Establishes PV Module Testing Lab with UL

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (“JinkoSolar” or “the Company") (NYSE: JKS), a fast-growing, vertically integrated solar power product manufacturer based in China, recently announced the opening of its state-of-the-art PV module testing laboratory in Jiangxi, China. The facility has been awarded the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Witness Testing Data Program (WTDP) Certificate.

JinkoSolar worked with UL, a global leader for product safety, to conduct the testing required to obtain the certification. Through its WTDP, customer and third party facilities may conduct tests under the supervision of UL personnel, which both ensures high quality products and expedite the time to market. JinkoSolar’s facility in Jiangxi can conduct over 16 different kinds of tests, ranging from basic pressure and impact tests to challenging hot spot, pre-decay and UV aging tests, all of which conform to UL and International Electrotechnical Commission regulations. The factory is furnished with cutting edge equipment to conduct tests in accordance with UL test standards and procedures.

In establishing the facility, JinkoSolar received both technical guidance and oversight from professional technical expert witnesses from UL. In two to three years, JinkoSolar aims to reach a higher level of strategic partnership with UL under its Client Test Data Program (CTDP). Under the CTDP, JinkoSolar will be authorized by UL to conduct test programs independently.

“The opening of JinkoSolar’s new world-class PV module testing laboratory complements our mission to produce the highest quality and most reliable solar panels in the industry. The professional personnel and testing facilities will help the Company accelerate its R&D process and reduce lead time of testing and qualification so that we can bring the latest solar technology to our customers as fast as possible. We believe that only non-compromising quality standards of PV modules can guarantee customer trust and loyalty,” said Kangping Chen, CEO of JinkoSolar. “UL certification is the most important certification in the United States. We are committed to expanding our footprint in the US market for the long haul,” added Kangping Chen.

“The newly established JinkoSolar lab marks our first local witness testing lab in the Jiangxi province of China. Together with our global business development experience, these local testing capabilities affirm UL’s efforts to expand and optimize our local services as we provide robust and effective support to the manufacturing industry,” said UL Knowledge Services representative David Qian “As an established and committed advocate for wider adoption of photovoltaics, JinkoSolar will be able enhance its own testing capabilities through its partnership with UL. We are pleased with our collaboration with JinkoSolar to promote Jinko’s testing capability and professional skill under the support by UL Knowledge Services for exclusive training and consulting on WTDP program, and look forward to working more closely in the field of PV products testing and certification in the future.”

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