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Five Chinese PV Makers Removed from EU’s Price Agreement

The European Commission (EC) keeps conducting investigations on certain Chinese PV imports to the EU, and announced to withdraw five more Chinese PV makers from the Minimum Import Price (MIP) agreement, or the “price undertaking.”

Ningbo OSDA Solar, QXPV, LIUNO, DelSolar and Motech are the five firms that been withdrawn from the MIP agreement. In addition, Lerri Solar, Xi’an LONGi and CNPV voluntarily withdrew from the price undertaking, according to an announcement of Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (MOF).

Ninbo OSDA Solar, QXPV and LIUNO were withdrawn because EU determined that they have violated the price undertaking by ways including selling crystalline PV products to importers without registration and business methods that circumventing the anti-dumping and countervailing measures.

In contrast with these three companies, Lerri Solar announced its plan to be removed from MIP in March, and Xi’an LONGi and CNPV followed up the announcement in May.

However, DelSolar and Motech (Suzhou) were removed due to different reasons. DelSolar is a module subsidiary established by Neo Solar Power, while Motech Suzhou is an affiliated manufacturer built by Motech Industries Inc. Both companies are Taiwan-based PV firms that has been granted exemption from the anti-circumvention investigations by EC. Although EC is unable to find evidence of agreement violation in these two firms, the Commission has since ruled this derogation poses a "high risk of cross-compensation" and decided to remove them. Motech and DelSolar can simply export PV products to EU by their products made in Taiwan or other regions.

Canadian Solar, ET Solar, ReneSolar, ZNShine and Chint Solar are firms that have been withdrawn from MIP agreement by EU. Trina Solar voluntarily withdrew from the undertaking.

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