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Green Energy's High-End Product Price Didn't Fall, Set New High Revenue of 15 Months

Taiwan-based PV multi si wafer manufacturer Green Energy Technology announced that its revenue in October reached NTD 1.19 billion, up 4.7% MoM and up 27% YoY. This is a new high record of the past 15 months. Consolidated revenue of the first ten months in 2017 came to NTU 9.576 billion, down 29.38% YoY.

Green Energy expressed, demand of diamond-wire slicing si wafer has been strong. Slurry sawing si wafer's price has slightly dropped, but high-end si wafer's price did not fall in October. Thus, Green Energy's revenue rose.

Green Energy prioritizes the product's profitability, matches target market's demand, and flexibly adjusts product mix. In this way, Green Energy's capacity utilization rate was maintained at above 90% in October.

Green Energy pointed out, its high-efficiency VPC certified light-weighted modules, with its own brand si wafer, have been received well by the market in PV Taiwan 2017. There are international customers ordering product for their pilot run phase. These modules are expected to sell well in the distributed generation (DG) applications segment.

In addition, Green Energy pointed out, global PV power energy demand does not fall for the following factor. Recently most of market intelligence research institutes predict that global PV installation will near 100GW. The main markets are China, USA, India, Japan and Germany. Brazil, Australia, South Korea, and Chile are also included in the estimation.

Based on the projection above, Green Energy plans to actively develop business opportunities in the new market of the downstream. In addition, Tatung Group's Solar Energy System division collaborates with Green Energy in terms of technical support and channels' support. In this way, Green Energy can maximize revenue.

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