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Canada Announces Final Result of Dumping, Subsidy in Chinese PV Products

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced on June 3rd (local time) the conclusion of the anti-dumping and countervailing investigation of Chinese PV products. CBSA believed that Chinese government-subsidized PV modules were dumped in Canada. Final determination will be announced within 15 days.

According to CBSA’s announcement, the dumping margins for nine specific leading Chinese manufacturers were ranged from 9.3% to 154.4%, in which, ReneSola was the lowest and Suntech was the highest. The dumping margin for other manufacturers was 154.4%. As for the amount of subsidy, the nine leading companies received subsidies of RMB0.003-0.074/Watt, while other companies received RMB0.34/Watt. The Canadian International Trade Tribunal will notify the confirmed duty rates in the final determination before July 3rd.

Based on EnergyTrend’s statistical data, total Chinese cell & module exports to Canada was about 460MW in 2014, in which, more than 80% were cells. Three major Chinese cell manufacturers – JA Solar, Motech (China branch), and Shunfeng – contributed over 300MW cells to Canada. “Since CSI has its own module production site in Canada, its module capacity can fulfill Canada’s annual demand. Therefore, cells are the main PV products shipped from China to Canada,” said Corrine Lin, Analyst of EnergyTrend. Although dumping and subsidy margins were lowered compared to preliminary determination, as long as module is the only taxable item (excluding cell), it won’t have much impact on PV products exported from China to Canada. In the end, the only winner will be CSI with module capacity in Canada despite the huge gaps between manufacturers’ dumping margins.

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