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Solar Cell to be Built Inside iPhone 6 Sapphire Glass Screen

An article on Seeking Alpha indicates that if Apple decides to use sapphire glass screen for iPhone 6, it’s possible for them to etch circuit within sapphire glass screen. This way, Apple can come up with high-performance PV cell to provide power for iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone 5S already has fingerprint recognition feature. If iPhone 6 uses sapphire screen, this feature will not be limited to HOME key but the entire touchscreen.

Sapphire glass’ hardness is only lower than diamond’s and it has strong resistance to scratch. Recently, Apple has signed a contract with GT Advanced Technologies Inc. It’s reported that GT has reduced the cost of iPhone sapphire screen protector from US$13-18/piece to US$3-5/piece, which is very close to the price of Gorilla glass screen protector – US$3/piece.

Not just Apple hired experienced solar thin-film process engineers. The United States Patentand Trademark Office released a unique solar power system management patent applied by Apple. Some studies indicate that sapphire screen can not only protect iPhone, but also integrate solar charging function. The built-in solar panels can help extend battery life and reduce battery volume and weight so the new iPhone can be thinner and lighter.

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